ShiftPixy Labs TV

ShiftPixy Labs TV is a new video channel from the folks at ShiftPixy that features fascinating video content following the adventures of a series of restaurateurs who are competing against each other–and against themselves–to gain entry into ShiftPixy Labs’ Ghost Kitchen Incubator Program. This incubator will guide and support restaurant operators as they seek to learn how to not only survive in the new delivery-focused quick service restaurant industry by, among many other things, basing their operations out of a Ghost Kitchen.

The Pitchen

Meet the restaurant operators who have dusted themselves off and risen from the pandemic disaster determined to find new ways to thrive in our new restaurant reality. 

This series chronicles the first phase of the ShiftPixy Labs Incubator Program–getting into it. Restaurant operators and entrepreneurs–both new and experienced–will pitch their kitchen creations (“Pitch” + “Kitchen” = “The Pitchen”) to a panel of judges in the hopes of making the case for their acceptance into the program.

Tune in each week to see who makes the cut!

The Kitchen Incubator

Winning their entry into the incubator is only half the battle! The second phase in the process of becoming a fully functioning, and ShiftPixy-supported, restaurant brand will have our contestants honing their craft and tackling a series of food- and business-oriented challenges in order to graduate from the incubator.

Do you have what it takes?

Acceptance into the ShiftPixy Labs restaurant incubator will allow restaurant operators to learn about the incredible potential ghost kitchens have to reinvent the restaurant industry. They will work closely with ShiftPixy’s experts, using sophisticated technology to assist them with all aspects of establishing and operating a successful ghost kitchen. Under ShiftPixy’s mentorship, budding and established restaurant entrepreneurs will learn how to not only survive in our new reality, but thrive in it.

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